3D model of a Southern three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacus)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.57756/qg3v6e
Publication date: 21 Jun 2023
Publisher: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (NHMW)
Collections: 1. Zoology
Instrument: Artec Space Spider
Resource type: Dataset
License: CC BY-NC
CC BY-NC 4.0 International
Tags: 3d-scan 3dscanning Surface scan
Countries: Latin America and the Caribbean
Taxa: Theria


3D model based on a structured light scan (Artec Space Spider) of a southern three-banded armadillo or Azara's domed armadillo (Tolypeutes matacus) rolled fully up into a ball. The specimen is part of the mammal collection of the first zoological department of the Natural History Museum Vienna. This specimen was taxidermized in a standing position later on.


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NHMW-Zoo1-MAMM-Tolypeutes-matacus-lowres.zip OBJ 3D model including texture 6.72 MB



3D model of a southern three-banded armadillo
3D model of a southern three-banded armadillo

3D model of the southern three-banded armadillo in