Miocene Gastropoda from the Central Paratethys Sea

DOI: https://doi.org/10.57756/mvpks3
Publication date: 18 Apr 2024
Publisher: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (NHMW)
Collections: Geology & Palaeontology
Resource type: Dataset
License: CC BY
CC BY 4.0 International
Tags: Palaeontological collections
Countries: Europe
Chronology: Paleontology
Taxa: Animalia


A revised dataset on stratigraphic and geographic occurrences of revised Gastropoda species from the Miocene Central Paratethys Sea, with georefernces locality data.


Will be published in Harzhauser et al. From Miocene Climate Optimum to Middle Miocene Climate Transition - Rise and demise of a Miocene European marine biodiversity hot-spot


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Table-1-Paratethys-Gastropoda.csv List of Miocene gastropoda of the Central Paratethys Sea 0.25 MB