Lindenberg Hepaticae Object Catalogue 1878

Publication date: 28 Sep 2023
Publisher: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (NHMW)
Collections: Botany
Instrument: CopiBook Open System A2 mit HRIS Kamera
Resource type: Text
License: CC BY
CC BY 4.0 International
Tags: Catalogue Cryptogams Digitization Natural history collection
Countries: Africa, Oceania, Antarctica, Americas, Asia, Europe
Taxa: Plantae


This catalogue was generated in 1878 based on the Lindenberg collection acquired by the "k.k. botanisches Hofcabinet" in 1860 and contains a numbered list of 9089 specimens (objects). These specimens are deposited at the herbarium of the Natural History Museum Vienna (W).


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1860_IX_Objects_catalogue_1878.pdf list of specimens (objects) of the Lindenberg collection 80.24 MB